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Wong Joe Kee künstlerisches Wahrsagen


Wong Joe Kee Künstlerisches Wahrsagen


Public Intervention





1: Leipzig Hauptbahnhof, Willy-Brandt-Platz, Leipzig 12:00- 12:30 p.m

2: Thomaskirche 13:00-13:30 p.m

3: Petersstraße 13:30-14:30 p.m

4: Markt platz (Auerbach's Cellar)14:30-15:00 p.m

5: Universität Leipzig 15:30-16:30 p.m

6: Albertina Library leipzig17:00-17:45 p.m

7: Sachsenbrücke 18:20-18:30 p.m



Local people were invited to suggest locations in Leipzig they thought could “make a better future for themselves and others”. In following their suggestions, a mobile fortune telling store was opened in several locations in Leipzig. Approaching the passers by to ask questions they want to know about themselves, they were able to choose between three themes: Health, Love Life and Career. During the process, audience’s facial and palm features were analysed. Participants were asked to pick a divination stick, where each of the stick corresponding to a specific artist quote. 


As a fortune teller, the artist hopes to demonstrate the literal notion of the avant-garde, connecting the public with artist who were supposed to have been ahead of their time. On the other hand, the artist becoming the guide to explore stanger’s uncertain future thought an intimate act.

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