Democratic Eis

Ideal Recipe in Your Hand

Democratic Eis
Performance at G/F Kitchen, Kronprinzenpalais, Berlin and  Gorki Theater
Exhibition Info:




           Democratic Eis

A popup ice cream store titled “Democratic Eis” opens  during the exhibition period in Kronprinzenpalais under the theme: Radical Diversity.  By providing a choice of ideal democratic wishes for visitors, the project aims to question the ideology of social reform to visitors in terms of food. Ice cream is an indication of power , each of discussion making carries individuals desires. 


The choices of ingredients included “Power sugar”, “Opportunity Kakao”, “Capitalist CocaCola candy”, “Gesund Asia Green Tea power”, “Transparent syrup”, “100% MADE IN GERMANY Gummy Bear “, “Bio sour grape” , “Fluffy marshmallow” , “Double side Class struggle mint chocolate chip”, ” Fairness popcorn”, “ Fake wishes stars” etc. The indication of those ingredients are flexible and adjustable depends on the instant interaction.


The Kitchen became a temporary stage of happenings included discussion, bargaining and balancing wishes . After all, the shop owner persuade “customers” to compromise their wishes hence everyone could have a taste of ideal Democratic Eis at the end of the performance.


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