Five stone wall trees and you

Joephy Wong

Five stone wall trees and you


Ghost Walk exhibition in Fringe Club, 2 Lower Albert Road, Central, Hong Kong

Everything in the world has a soul belongs. Someone said it is easy for spirits to linger around trees because the humidity and shades offered.  In 1894, the Black Death swept through Hong Kong and claimed 2500 people's life. I believe the Banyan trees in the Tai Ping Shan Street area are the only living witnesses that have "experienced" the dreadful plague in history.


I regard trees as organic bodies. In this work, I projected the image of stonewall tree in the past on a 100 years old Banyan through a magnifying glass. When you get close to it, there is a short encounter moment between you, the Banyan and its history.

Project Background

*Authorities fell four Banyan trees on Bonham Road, Hong Kong. Photo: Trailwatch    

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 Light sensor will switch on when people pass by. The image of 4 cut Banyan tree will  be projected on a 100 years old Stone Wall Tree in parking  area near Blake Garden.