A Lucid dream


In 2018 Winter, was my first visit to a public swimming pool in Germany. The pool has a beautiful name: Schwanseebad- The Swan Pool. 

The experience of my body worked out in this 100 years old pool as if a Lucid dream.  When I was outside the pool, I could tell there is glass box supports by steel and Concrete. When I get closer, I could see there are always 5 broken lines and around 15-20 little liner dots moves along them with different patterns.


When I became one of the bouncy dot,  I enjoyed  to be a slow one, observed  the passer-by who were leaning against the fence looking down on us. At this moment, what I need to do is to hide myself into the liquid. Followed the blurry landscape, lift my head to Breathe when I cut the water into half, one hand in the past while other hand is opening up the future.