Intervention  in Oil street Art Space
Site specific work

Location: Oil Street Art Space, Hong Kong

I applied for an overnight stay in Oil Street Art Space on 27 Jan 2016 (Wed). The site itself is a Grade II historic building that was built in 1908 as the club- house of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club. Furthermore, it is an official art space run by government.

This is the first time the authority accepts a proposal of overnight staying plan. I review the mission of this art space in official site. Base on the mission of art space, which is • Bridging diverse people • Sparking a passion for art • Sustain- ing art in communities • Fuelling creative thinking

I decided to paint spontaneously on that night with an organic medium-moss in order to fulfil the mission of the official Art space.

However, all creative acts are cleared up by authority on the next day within 24 hours