Pool Resonance- A Meditation Journey in Schwanseebad

Location: Hermann-Brill-Platz. Schwimmhalle Weimar, Germany

This artistic performance is a site-specific project aims to experiment “ Collective Rhythm” in a 90 years old swimming pool in Weimar. Audience will be lead by a guided audio, to experience the imitate contact with strangers by synchronise their body movement, gesture ,breathing through body scanning , humming, sound vibration and floating in the water.

This project is selected to be a funded project under Bauhaus centenary, the scale of it will be further extended. A new artistic approach will be performed at the largest outdoor pool in Schwanseebad in 2019 Summer.


Background of Schwanseebad:


The swimming pool was built in 1928, the land was a swan lake and a meadow before it was designed to be one of the largest pool in the world. Hence, it hosted numerous major events in East Germany. Start from earlier 1848, there are arguments and struggles under city finical and politic consideration.  Under the DDR period in 1949, with a city construction plan “Culture project” , there was a renovation plan of Schwanseebad to renew the facility. Till now, Schwanseebad is experiencing ’s 5th renovation of outdoor swimming pool, it can be view as a symbol of modern city development in Weimar City.