Pool Resonance - How is the air around you?

Location: Hermann-Brill-Platz 2, Schwimmhalle, 99423 Weimar


Set in a nearly century-old public pool in Weimar, Germany, “Pool Resonance” is a site-specific, participatory performance created by Joephy Sze Ting Wong that deals with the relationships between the human body, memory, water and space and the individual within the collective. Using the human voice, breath, sound and synchronisation, performers and the public move through the space in harmony with each other, interlacing their movements and voices in mutual awareness, creating a sonic environment that resonates with the essence of the collective and brings back echoes of the history embedded within the space.


The current iteration of this piece, selected as a public component of the Bauhaus Centenary celebration in Weimar, the origin of the Bauhaus, is an evolution of a previous performance piece by Wong that is focused on a guided meditation using parallel movements and the soothing properties of water to create a profound, shared moment between people. The performance created a space for the individual to look within themselves whilst also forming a strong connection with the greater collective through a mental and bodily experience. 

Pool Resonance German white.png
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