Something is happening

Something is happening

Documentary 21mins11s

(Den Haag/ Madrid/ Barcelona/ Rome/Venice/Budapest/ Vienna/Prague/ Warsaw/ Krakow/ Berlin/ Edinburg/ Munich etc.)


Exhibited in Aus Ein. Zwei Ende exhibition. AVA Gallery, Hong Kong.


I visited landmarks of different cities like routine travelers do. After checking out the spots, I was drawn to discover any interesting objects or events existed at that moment, and then I highlighted them by using flashing lights. 


The lights I installed were flashing at a particular frequency. The object was vaguely outlined, somewhat like a moving shadow or momentary sculpture. My work was therefore mostly carried out at nighttime for the sake of protruding the sculptures. The elevation of unremarkable objects to light sculptures is achieved via the production of happenings by flashing lights, which have a strong association of attention signal. After all, the work displays the relationship between the light, site and the passerby.